The World Didn't Always Seem Small

There was a time when the world didn’t always seem small. Yet, today, with 7 billion of us – it has never seemed smaller. Some find it hard to believe the science behind the theory that we’re all separated by only six degrees of separation. That everybody on the planet is separated by only six other people.

At 6 Degrees Media, we believe. Not because various ‘small world’ experiments and social giants say so. But because we create powerful connections each and every day. We understand that it’s not who you know that counts, but who knows you.

We realise that while knowledge may be power, sharing knowledge is empowering. That’s why at 6 Degrees Media, it’s our business to take you to where your future connections are born. So you can collaborate. Innovate. Create. And enjoy the wins along the way.

Our world-class events, executive roundtables and conferences bridge the divide, bringing global innovation rock stars together with local tech legends and unsung heroes. We create belief through experience. So be our guest.

Experience something greater.

You & Kevin Bacon

If we’re to believe social theorists, you are connected to one of the world’s most prolific actors, Kevin Bacon. Kevin’s extensive career inspired a parlor game called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” in which players link other stars to the actor through six or fewer films. It’s based on the theory of “six degrees of separation,” which was developed by psychologist Stanley Milgram in the ’60s. Still not convinced? Watch how Kevin puts the theory to the test.

The Gigs

Events should engage audiences, inspire action and deliver measurable results. If you’ve settled for anything less, it’s time to raise your standards. While we’re all separated by six degrees of separation, no two of us are the same. That’s why 6 Degrees Media’s team of journalists, specialist conference and event producers tailor highly-engaging content that is specifically relevant to the executive delegate – irrespective of the event format. We stand apart for our journalistic approach to content creation; and for our skill, creativity and occasional genius to deliver a memorable attendee experience.

Rock Stars

6 Degrees Media has crafted it’s very own Top 100 Wish List, comprising the greatest local and international technology and innovation speakers of all time. This list includes a ‘who’s who’ ensemble of local and international drawcards spanning the financial services, health, government industries and future-tech sectors. From the ultimate thinking machines who are considered the rightful heirs to the ‘greatest innovators of all time’, to individuals who are hailed to be among the world’s top 100 innovation geniuses alive – no one is too big or far to inspire our delegates.

Local Legends

They are Australia’s wonder women and men who lead from the front – driving genuine change, improving business outcomes and fostering a culture of innovation in their industry. These are our Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, and Heads of Customer Experience; Applications; Analytics and Transformation and more – and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements.

Unsung Heroes

Today’s foot soldiers, tomorrow’s generals. These are the executives who are instrumental forces of change that are driving practical improvements in systems, processes, applications, customer experiences and engagement within their organisation. Our unsung heroes are often found at the grass-roots of business-enabled innovation and technology implementations. They often commit time and energy to attend industry events and conferences to be informed and inspired by leaders in their field.

Meet The Band

6 Degrees Media was established by Angela Horvat, former Editor and Publisher of award-winning publications including Computerworld, Information Age, My Business, The Who’s Who of Financial Services and Founder of FST Media; and Emma Charter, one of Australia’s most connected and respected media and events strategists with more than 15 years’ experience in delivering C-Level engagement strategies for clients in Australia and the UK.

Together, they are a powerhouse team that leads Australia’s most talented and driven conference producers, technology journalists and event managers to create content-driven experiences across C-level roundtables, custom events and large-scale conferences.

Emma Charter
Managing Director
6 Degrees Media Pty Ltd

Angela Horvat
Managing Director
6 Degrees Media Pty Ltd