Events Agenda


9.00 - 9.05am


MC Extraordinaire: Adam Spencer, Media Provocateur, Math Geek

9.05 - 9.15am

NSW.AI: the Digital Capital of the Southern Hemisphere

Speaker: The Hon. Victor Dominello, Minister for Customer Service and Minister for Digital, NSW Government

9.15 - 9.30am

Keynote: Title TBC

Speaker: Andrew Underwood, APJ Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies

9.30 - 9:45am

Fireside Chat with ... Steve Vamos, Chief Executive Officer, Xero

9:45 - 10.30am

THE STAND-OUTS: Best Use Cases Panel

  • Phenomenal case-studies and success stories to draw inspiration from!

  • How AI, ML and other emerging tech is opening new competitive opportunities and revenue streams

  • What tech should CXOs invest in to progress their AI journey?

  • How to measure success: the metrics that matter in the digital age

  • 2030: the next wave of AI and how CXOs can navigate the new dawn of digital transformation


  • Dan Jermyn, Chief Decision Scientist, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • Lee Hickin, National Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

  • Joanna Gurry, Chief Digital Officer, nbn

Moderator: Adam Spencer

10:30 - 11.00am

Morning Tea

11.00 - 11:15am

Better Customer outcomes through AI at scale

Speaker: Dan Jermyn, Chief Decision Scientist, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

11:15 - 11.30am

Fireside Chat with ...

Adam Spencer and Pegasystems CXO and Industry CXO (TBC)

11:30 - 11:45am

AI in Space: the Spin-off Tech Unlocking Opportunities on Earth

Speaker: Anthony Murfett, Deputy CEO, Australian Space Agency

11.45 - 12.30pm

THE CHIEFS: CXO Leaders Panel

  • Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Scientist or Chief Executive Officer: who will own the AI agenda?

  • Measure AI's Success: a board's perspective

  • The Year of Hybrid: the cyber security vulnerabilities CXOs must protect in a work-from-anywhere world

  • Future Ready: what are the jobs that do not exist yet?

  • What's Next: How global events will accelerate AI adoption; and which emerging technologies will transform the world's economy by 2025?


  • Adrian Turner, Global Tech Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer, Minderoo Wildfire and Disaster Resilience Program

  • Professor Bronwyn Fox, Chief Scientist, CSIRO

  • Adrian Iannessa, Senior Director of Technology, Dell Technologies ANZ

  • Professor Toby Walsh,  AI 'Rock Star', Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW and Group Research Lead, Data61

  • Maria Milosavljevic, Chief Information Security Officer, Services Australia

Moderator: Adam Spencer

12.30 - 1.30pm


1.30 - 1.40pm

Re-imagining the Future Hybrid Workforce: the Atlassian Experiment

Speaker: Dominic Price, Work Futurist, Atlassian

1.40 - 2.10pm

THE CHANGE MAKERS: The Future of Work Panel

  • The standout companies that are embracing the future of work, today!

  • How will future hybrid workforces shift CIO priorities?

  • How AI and emerging tech will maintain mental wellness in the workforce, while driving optimal productivity

  • From the front lines: the skills required to support the emergence of AI in the workforce

  • The next wave: what the future workforce will look like by 2025


  • Dominic Price, Work Futurist, Atlassian

  • Ana Cammarato, Chief Information Officer, Personal an Digital, National Australia Bank

  • Dr. Ian Oppermann, Chief Scientist, NSW Department of Customer ServiceAvanade CXO (TBC)

  • Angela Coble, Chief Information Officer, Johnson & Johnson

  • Avanade CXO (TBC)

Moderator: Adam Spencer

2.10 - 2.15pm

Speaker: Glen Rabie, Chief Executive Officer, Yellowfin

2.15 - 2.30pm

The Future of Health and Humanity as we Approach AI Singularity

Speaker: Prof. Erwin Loh, Group Chief Medical Officer & Group General Manager of Clinical Governance, St. Vincent's Health Australia

2:30 - 2.45pm

Fireside Chat with ...

Adam Spencer and IBM CXO and Industry CXO (TBC)

2.45 - 3.15pm

Afternoon Tea

3.15 - 3.45pm

Fireside Chat with ...

Adam Spencer and Google Cloud CXO and Industry CXO (TBC) 

3.45 - 4.15pm

THE BRAINS TRUST: The Ethical Panel

  • The ethical implications of AI and ML when accessing customer data – and why we need to get the 'means to an end' right, now!

  • Why uncovering bias and 'techno chauvinism' is critical to enabling success

  • Answering the big questions on autonomy, intent, privacy, safety, security, surveillance, trust and regulation!

  • The buck stops with. ... the key stakeholders who need to sit at the 'ethics in AI' table 

  • Ethics Agenda 2.0: how to future-proof a unique code of conduct that ties back to your organisation's value


  • Michelle Pinheiro, Global Head of Enterprise Data Governance, ANZ 

  • Australia's "Data Whisperer", Professor M@ Kuperholz, Partner and Chief Data Scientist, PwC

  • Industry CXO, TBC

  • Sitecore CXO, TBC

Moderator: Adam Spencer

4.15 - 4.30pm

Autonomous Cyber AI: Redefining Enterprise Security

Speaker: Darktrace CXO (TBC)

4.30 - 4.45pm

AI in Space: the Spin-off Tech Unlocking Opportunities on Earth

Speaker: Anthony Murfett, Deputy CEO, Australian Space Agency

4.45 - 5.00pm

The Holy Grail of AI and the Future of Digital People 

Speaker: Greg Cross, AI Pioneer, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Soul Machines (co-founded with two-time Oscar winner, Mark Sagar)

5.00 - 5.10pm

MC Closing and Prize Giveaways