The Gigs

Events should engage audiences, inspire action and deliver measurable results. If you’ve settled for anything less, it’s time to raise your standards. While we’re all separated by six degrees of separation, no two of us are the same. That’s why 6 Degrees Media’s team of journalists, specialist conference and event producers tailor highly-engaging content that is specifically relevant to the executive delegate – irrespective of the event format. We stand apart for our journalistic approach to content creation; and for our skill, creativity and occasional genius to deliver a memorable attendee experience.

6 Degrees Media’s event experiences are designed to appeal to CXOs who vary in their preferences for content engagement. Our exclusive CXO roundtables; topic-exclusive custom events and large-scale conferences differ in their format but share a criteria: the delivery of world-class information of the highest quality to a clever audience seeking the ultimate in content engagement.

Our fresh approach to industry ‘gigs’ is based on the relentless pursuit of global innovation ‘rock stars’, ‘local legends’ and unsung heroes to create a series of memorable, content-driven experiences.

  • Rock Star CXOs – Keynotes and/or Interviews: live or streamed future-looking presentations from the world’s best at special events and conferences. These can also extend to virtual interviews and live-streaming of the world’s most sought-after CEOs, CIOs and cross-industry powerhouses who enjoy global status as genuine game-changers.
  • Local Legends – CXO Custom Events: first-class luncheons that gather Australia’s top 50 CXOs in their respective fields.
  • Lead Acts – CXO Roundtables: Highly-targeted, interactive roundtables in a private environment moderated by an industry-respected journalist.
  • The Main Events – Large-scale conferences that bring the world’s best to the stage, together with a five-senses approach to the delegate experience.

Our editorial approach to roundtables, custom events and conferences make us a stand-out producer of timely, highly relevant content that is presented by industry champions who are the best in their game. This translates into a delegate experience that is beyond the norm, beyond compare.