Events Speakers NZ

Andrew Barnes, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, 4 Day Week Architect, Author, TEDx Speaker

Andrew has made a career of leading market-changing innovation and industry digitisation. He founded New Zealand's largest corporate trustee company, Perpetual Guardian, and spearheaded the company's efforts to create four-day working weeks that helped spark a global movement.

Barnes spent 20 years in Australia, floating on the ASX and held senior roles in Macquarie Bank, Citi, Tower, County Natwest, and was chairman of Australasian Wealth Investments. In 2013, Barnes acquired Perpetual Trust in New Zealand, and purchased Guardian Trust, creating Perpetual Guardian. In April 2015, he acquired e-will platform My Bucket List and Foundation Corporate Trust. In 2018, Barnes announced that Perpetual Guardian would be trialling four day work weeks. The trial sparked widespread international interest, with the World Economic Forum. In 2020, Barnes published, 'The 4 Day Week” and through this work he is on the advisory board of the Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University.

When Covid-19 saw New Zealand in lockdown, Barnes pushed for law changes to make digital signatures on wills legal. It has been suggested he could be one of New Zealand's next blue-chip politicians.

Andrew Henderson, Chief Information Officer, Westpac

Andrew Henderson became Westpac's Chief Information Officer in February 2020.

He oversees technology engineering, architecture and IT risk, while also maintaining Westpac's technology standards and disciplines.

Prior to joining Westpac, Andrew was Chief Technology Officer (Engineering and Architecture) with JP Morgan in New York. He also held a number of senior technology roles with ING in the Netherlands, Australia and the Ukraine.

Megan Tapsell, Head of Pacific Technology, ANZ Bank and Chair AI Forum NZ

Megan is currently Head of Technology for the Pacific at ANZ Bank and Chair of the AI Forum NZ. With over 15 years' global experience in IT, Retail and Business Banking, Megan is responsible for designing and executing strategies including key transformation change programmes.

In her role as Chair of the AI Forum Megan leads a purpose driven, not-for-profit organisation to connect and drive information across New Zealand, improving vital awareness and to advance the implementation of beneficial, safe and mindful AI.

Megan is also heavily focused on increasing Māori engagement and input into the corporate sector and wider technology industry.

Hamish Rumbold, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Kiwibank

Hamish joined Kiwibank in 2019 as the Chief Digital and Technology Officer.

With a proven track record of bringing the best combination of people, process and technology together, Hamish has a great understanding of how technology can transform the experience for customers.

He has global experience in the aviation, retail banking, FMCG, automotive and telecommunications industries and a passion for bringing technology closer the customer.

AI 'rock star', Professor Toby Walsh of University of NSW (and former spokesperson on AI at the United Nations)

Toby is a world-renowned professor on artificial intelligence and is Scientia professor at the University of New South Wales and Digital Think-tank Data61. He was named by the media as a "rock star" of the digital revolution and included on the list of the 100 most important digital innovators in Australia. He is a fellow of the Australia Academy of Science and of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, a Humboldt award winner and recipient of the NSW Premier's Prize for excellence in engineering and ICT.

He has played a leading role at the UN and elsewhere on the campaign to ban lethal autonomous weapons (aka "killer robots"). Toby is a sought-after keynote speaker on how artificial intelligence influences business, education, warfare, personal development, and finance, among others. He regularly appears in the media talking about the impact of AI and robotics on society.

Toby is the author of the books 'IT'S ALIVE', 'Android Dreams', 'Machines That Think' and '2062: The Year that AI Made'.

Bora Arslan, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, ASB Bank

Bora has decades of global leadership experience in the field of decision sciences including change management, digital transformations, customer experience, personalisation, strategy, and execution of loyalty programs. His current focus is on data-driven delivery, management, strategies, personalisation and customer relevancy with advanced analytics, transformational insights, fraud intelligence and the next best customer communication.

Prior to joining ASB Bank, Bora was the Chief Analytics Officer for Insurance Australia Group (IAG) in Sydney which saw his focus on analytics solutioning through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He was also the VP of Global Decision Sciences and Analytics Strategy at Walmart and Head of Customer Analytics at Walgreens, and Managing Analytics Partner for Peppers and Rogers Group. 

Andrew Haddad, Chief Information Officer, Vodafone New Zealand 

Andrew joined Vodafone in September 2019 and is leading the company on a multi-year journey of digital transformation, creating a remarkable digitally-focused team, who can design and build a world-class digital future across all functional areas.

Having worked in the IT and telecommunications sector for 20 years, Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and is known for delivering complex technology programs and enterprise-wide transformations.

Jan Sheppard, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, ESR - Science for Communities

Jan has been helping organisations see things in data and become better versions of themselves since she discovered the power of data, working as a tester for Y2K.

Innovation is at the core of Jans' approach in todays fast changing environment, including innovation around who information is shared with, what team structure is in place (at one point Jan created a start up in a Public Sector agency to achieve the change that was needed), building people capability and embedding data into the DNA of organisations. This approach has enabled Jan to deliver outcomes beyond what she could imagine, and her achievements were acknowledged globally in 2020 when she was named among the top 100 innovators in data and analytics in the world.

Kari Jones, Head of Analytics and Insights, Woolworths NZ 

Kari is currently leading one of the largest data and analytics practices in New Zealand.

A highly driven outcome-oriented strategist and leader who is committed to improving the performance of New Zealand organisations through the increased adoption and application of emerging technology, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

A passion for data matched with experience in business strategy enables Kari to deliver outcomes in challenging environments to deliver on big goals.

Simon Kennedy, Chief Digital Officer, Foodstuffs NI

Simon Kennedy is the chief digital officer at Foodstuffs North Island. A leader with strong values and a clear vision who empowers his team to aim high and deliver the best results for customers.

With a focus on driving strategic change through digital and cultural innovation, Simon is part of the journey at Foodstuffs NI at a critical time with their strong focus on digital customer experiences and online revenue.

Rebecca Chenery, Chief Technology Officer, Watercare Services Limited

As Chief Digital Officer at Watercare, Rebecca Chenery has a progressive vision for defining customer-centricity in the modern market.

With many years of experience in programme management and business transformation projects across the information services, telecommunications and water industries in New Zealand and overseas Rebecca is responsible for leading all technology aspects of the business along with Watercare’s business transformation programme.

Jo Hilson, Chief Technology Officer, Tourism Holdings Limited

Jo started at thl in August 2021 in the role of Chief Technology Officer responsible for leading and maintaining thl's global IT operations and continuing the development, implementation and growth of thl's bespoke modern booking, pricing, fleet management and telematics products.

A visionary and strategic Chief Technology Officer focused on building and delivering IT strategies and solutions aligned to business goals.

Over 20 years’ experience across a wide range of industries from startups to multimillion-dollar market leaders in NZ & UK.

Terri Carajannis, Chief Digital Officer, Harrison Grierson

Terri Carajannis is Chief Digital Officer at Harrison Grierson leading the Digital Group to develop digital strategies to support growth across eight offices.

A digital transformation specialist with a unique blend of experience in digital marketing, IT and strategy - Terri has led multi-disciplinary teams through the evolving digital landscape, enabling emerging technologies to improve customer experiences and business productivity and efficiency.

Brian Ferris, Chief Digital and Analytics Officer, Loyalty New Zealand

Brian was appointed as Chief Technology & Data Officer at Loyalty in 2020 and is championing a high performing agile culture and reinventing Loyalty data and analytics with new platforms and advanced analytics.

Brian has worked in information technology for over 18 years, with extensive experience leading data and analytics teams while managing projects and building solutions in a global environment.

Mark Denvir, Chief Information Officer, Auckland City Council

Named as 2020 experience leader for Australia and New Zealand, Mark is a highly collaborative CIO delivering innovative, customer centric solutions at Auckland City Council.

Highly skilled in business transformation with extensive experience in project managing and leading major challenges through to successful completion, Mark brings a discipline and focus to the ICT Operations unti within Auckland City Council to deliver Auckland’s Smart City Programme which uses technology to empower the community, utilise assets and resources.

Mitchell Pham, Chair, Digital Council for Aotearoa

Mitchell Pham is an entrepreneur, senior executive, board director and strategic advisor with expertise in digital transformation, new innovation and technology ventures across New Zealand and South East Asia.

Alongside his businesses and technology ventures, Mitchell has pioneered and continues to lead and grow organisations that connect, promote and advance the tech industry.

Since 2005, Mitchell has been serving as an advisor to the government, including the innovation ecosystem for businesses, digital strategy for the economy and society, and New Zealand's relationship & opportunities with Asia. Internationally recognised in leadership as a World Class New Zealander by KEA, an Asia 21 Fellow and Global Council Member of the Asia Society, and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Craig Columbus, Chief Information Officer, TR Group 

Craig specialises in solving tough problems, creating value and increasing efficiencies.

Well versed in business strategy, finance, and information technology, with technical specializations in information security, artificial intelligence and cloud architectures Craig has built a solid track record of taking on large challenges, conceiving creative solutions and delivering multi-million-dollar transformation projects that have added millions of dollars to the bottom line of companies around the globe.

Craig’s mission is to leverage connectivity to build strong businesses and stronger communities